Monday, 8 December 2014

Silhouette snowflake cutting file

I love being on the Get It Scrapped creative team (check out the link over to the right if you have never visited Get It Scrapped or to become a member) as it encourages me to try something new, or get around to doing something I've always thought about doing. This time it was getting to grips with my Silhouette Studio software and designing a cut file from scratch!

Here are the instructions for the snowflake decoration (there are links to a free download of the cut file at the end of the post):

1. Load the cut file (it should fit on either A4 or US letter size) so this can be cut on a Silhouette Portrait as well as the Cameo.

2. Cut 2 copies on white card-stock.

3. Fold the tabs upwards on each side and continue to fold up and down to concertina it.

4. Add strong double-sided tape to the tabs on the side shown on the photo.

5.  With the tabs on the left hand side, fold each piece in half at the centre. Then layout as shown in the photo, paying attention to the placement of the tabs.

6.  Thread a piece of embroidery or thin crochet thread through all the centre holes, leaving a tail of thread at each end.

7. Remove the backing from the double-sided tape that is between the two sections and stick together.

8. Pull the thread tight, wrapping around the centre, and tie with a double knot. Cut off the excess thread.

9. Remove the backing from the remaining double-sided tape and stick the sides together.

10. Thread a piece of thread through the top two holes (one hole is either side of the join).

11. Tie a knot in the top of the thread to form the hanging loop.

12. Your decoration is now assembled - leave plain or add glitter or gems for extra sparkle - and enjoy!

The cut file can be down loaded here (for a Silhouette studio3 file) or here (for a Silhouette studio file). 

Please note that this file is for personal use only and may not be shared (please direct people to this blog post where they can download it for themselves) nor resold either as a cutting file or as a finished product without my prior consent.